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Care Finder


Built in partnership with NHS England, local authorities and homecare providers



Provider Portal Registration

The Provider Portal is an online account that lets you manage your Home Care Finder registration details quickly and easily.

  • You can share your care location detail with National CCG's and Local Authorities who are looking to place care packages

  • You can share your contact information for referrals and enquiries, update your intervention capabilities and share additional capacity detail

  • View statistics on national opportunities to support your care workforce planning

  • View quality benchmarking intelligence, view Quality Assurance assessment ratings and Quality Standards Self Assessment Returns

Register your Care Location

Care Providers who do not use the Electronic Care Monitoring system (CM2000) can register with the system to request login credentials.  Once enrolled you can provide necessary detail to become visible in the Domiciliary Care Finder:

Care Provider Portal Login

Heath and Social Care Providers in England, Scotland & Wales who use the CM Electronic Care Monitoring system are automatically enrolled and can use current CM login credentials to update primary contact and interventions detail:


Developed by HAS Technology Group in partnership with North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) - 0.1 - BETA

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