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Benefits designed and built with you in mind

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Business Owners

Know the ROI of your business development activities with insightful metrics via KPI reporting of metrics that matter.  

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Registered Managers

  • Improve compliance and quality ratings using the same assessment and benchmarking technology used by your Local Authorities (Care Act responsibilities)

  • Sector News at your fingertips with daily updates from local and regional press releases

  • Recruitment and retention toolkit to support all your staffing needs with applicant tracking, employment screening, certification tracking and more

  • Referral Manager: tracks all opportunities, including those securely submitted from your website


Take the headache out of invoicing and cash flow from private, Local Authority and insurance customers, with automated electronic billing & debt collection.


Care Coordinators

Spend up to 90% less time Rostering and Scheduling

  • Schedule all available shifts, troubleshoot missed shifts, and run your scheduling seamlessly. 

  • Post open shifts through the system to offer the shift to care staff (via the Savii Connect App.)

Care Supervisors

Make everyone’s workflow more efficient from referral, intake to scheduling, including digital care and service plans (DCM).

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Care Workforce

With Savii Connect your workforce can;

  • No cost communication with you back office staff and the care support network

  • live access to rotas and care planning/documentation

  • view and update visit delivery detail

  • Access payroll detail & early pay day options 

  • Update availability/holiday requests

Care Recipients (& support network)

With Savii Family Portal, users can;

Access live care plans and care team detail
View care delivered and receive late/missed alerts
Request appointment changes
Rate & feedback on care received
Review statements & make invoice payments

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